Michael Mann is one of the best living directors working in modern cinema. While he's gone relatively bombastic with Last of the Mohicans and Heat, he also delivered one of the best thrillers of the past few decades with The Insider. While his last film, Blackhat, didn't do the business expected, it was still an interesting, cerebral thriller.

He had previously been working on a biopic of Enzo Ferrari, with Christian Bale attached to star, but when Bale pulled out of the project, the film seemed to have stalled. Now Mann is talking up another intriguing sounding flick.

He told The Lumiere de Lyon Film Festival earlier this month:

“There is this other idea that I was offered to do, which is called ‘Comanche.’ The action takes place in 1871. It is a very ambitious [story] that follows four characters whose trajectories will gradually converge… In fact, it’s the same story as John Ford’s ‘The Searchers,’ except that film took a lot of very problematic freedoms. Cynthia Parker had nothing to do with the character who was inspired [the one played by] Natalie Wood. She was a wealthy wife and mother of five, in her forties, who did not speak English, ripped from her family to be assimilated by whites. She tried to escape several times, before committing suicide.”

Michael Mann doing a Western? Dear God, yes. Make this happen.

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