Many will recall how last summer, there was talk of Michael Keaton reprising his role of Batman for the upcoming DC movie 'The Flash'.

Michael Keaton had, however, expressed concerns over COVID-19 which could mean he wouldn't participate in the movie.

Speaking to Deadline, the actor said the virus situation in the UK, where 'The Flash' is shooting, had him "really concerned".

"I keep my eye more on the Covid situation in the UK than anything," Keaton said. "That will determine everything, and so that’s why I’m living outside the city here on 17 acres, staying away from everybody, because the Covid thing has got me really concerned.

"So, that’s my first thing about all projects. I look at it and go, is this thing going to kill me, literally? And you know, if it doesn’t, then we talk."

However, word has reached The Wrap from ICM Partners, the talent agency that represents Michael Keaton, that he'll reprise his role as the superhero after all.

Keaton first played Batman in Tim Burton’s 1989 blockbuster of the same name. He then reprised the role in 1992's 'Batman Returns' but did not return for the third movie.

Reportedly, 'The Flash' will disregard threequel 'Batman Forever' and its follow-up 'Batman and Robin' entirely.

It will take inspiration loosely from the 2011 DC Comics crossover event 'Flashpoint', which sees Flash aka Barry Allen travel back in time to prevent the death of his mother.

In the process he manages to cause a split in the timeline and create an alternative universe which is protected by Keaton’s Batman, now 30 years older.

Ezra Miller will play Allen, having recently been seen in character in 'Zack Snyder's Justice League'.

Also in the cast is 'Derry Girls' actress Saoirse-Monica Jackson.

'The Flash' has just began filming, director Andy Muschietti ('IT') confirmed yesterday.