Any Michael Fassbender news is good news to our ears but this is particularly pleasing (plus, it balances out the shit news about Nicki Minaj's acting debut from earlier, ugh); he's going to play Macbeth. Now that's a lesson in acting we'll playing close attention to.

Helmed by relative newcomer Justin Kurzel (Snowtown), this filmic adaptation will stay true to the original story, set in the 11th century, with original dialogue. What'll make it more cinema friendly to audiences in 2013, however, will be the addition of significant battle scenes. Many have taken to adapting the Shakespearean play, adding their own twists here and there, but few have done it right. Here's hoping Fassbender will be excluded from that list.

Casting is ongoing and filming is said to begin later this year.

So we're just wondering one thing... does Macbeth ever get his kit off in this version? 'Cause we hear Fassy is a dab hand at the whole being naked thing. Shame anyone?