It's been a while since I've written a story about Michael Fassbender, but there was a point when the Kilarney native was linked with pretty much every franchise going. He's currently starring in the Ridley Scott helmed, Cormac McCarthy penned thriller The Counselor and his next role will be opposite Natalie Portman in the just announced Jane Got a Gun.

According to Vulture, We Need to Talk About Kevin director Lynne Ramsey will direct the film about a woman married to an outlaw who returns home bullet-riddled and half-dead, betrayed by criminal confederates hot on his heels. Fassbender would play Portman's ex-lover, who helps her defend her farm when some "black hats" turn up intent on blood-let. 

The script was written by Brian Duffield and was on the famed Hollywood "black list", meaning it was widely considered one of the best scripts in town before stars and a director became attached. The budget will be kept to a relatively slim sub $20 million as it's being independently financed.