After Christian Bale's surprise exit from the Danny Boyle-directed, Aaron Sorkin-scripted biopic, there were many who looked like they could step into his place.

Leonardo DiCaprio was amongst the names mooted for the slot as Apple's head honcho, however our own Michael Fassbender has now signed on officially to play Jobs.

The troubled production, which was initially supposed to be directed by David Fincher, went into turnaround - that's movie-speak for studios selling the rights of one film to another studio - when Sony decided to cut and run from the film. Universal eventually picked it up and the film's slowly edging its way to the cinema screen.

With Fassbender now locked in as Jobs, the supporting cast are being worked on next.

The Newsroom / Dumb An Dumber To's Jeff Daniels is being eyed to played Apple CEO John Sculley, who Jobs faced off with many times over the course of their career.

Also! Trivia! John Sculley invented the Pepsi Challenge. Useless, we know.

Daniels joining Jobs will see him re-team with Newsroom showrunner Aaron Sorkin for a second time.

Meanwhile, The Newsroom nears its finale and has been plumbing new depths of awfulness. We won't get into it here. Let's just say this - think the worst, most uppity speech of The West Wing you can think of. Now multiply that by a thousand.

That's where The Newsroom is right now.

Let's hope Jobs isn't as bad.