Universal really is beginning to ramp up its Dark Universe efforts, even though The Mummy hasn't even been released yet.

Already, Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan - two of the brains behind the whole project - have publicly stated that they intend to take on Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, Bride of Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon as well as take another stab (heh) at Dracula. That's not all, though.

In an interview with Fandom, Kurtzman also mentioned that Phantom of the Opera and the Hunchback of Notre Dame are being eyed as possible entries - and they've even got names lined up for these and other films. "I’d love to bring Michael Fassbender in, I’d love to bring Jennifer Lawrence in, I’d love to see Charlize Theron in there, Angelina Jolie..."

Jolie has already been linked with Bride of Frankenstein, but there's no word exactly on where Fassbender, Lawrence or Theron fit into the proceedings. Dracula Untold was originally supposed to be the kick-off for the Dark Universe, but so-so reviews meant that connections have been downplayed.

There's no word yet either if Luke Evans will continue on in the role of Dracula for the next film or if he'll be recast. Either way, expect to see Michael Fassbender turn up in one of these Dark Universe films in the coming years. Phantom of the Opera, maybe?


Via Fandom