We got a chance to sit down with Michael B Jordan ahead of the release of 'Creed II'.

The actor talked to us about returning to the role of Adonis Creed, his first sequel, and about his favourite memories from the set. Comparing his role of Creed to Killmonger in 'Black Panther', we asked Michael B Jordan how he goes about picking his roles.

"That's a great question," he said. "It's a visceral feeling, a gut feeling."

He added that the "director", "material" and "character" also feature into his decision-making when choosing roles.

"I've got a good team of people around me professionally and personally that weigh in on how I'm feeling and what I want to do," he continued.

With the release of 'Black Panther' earlier this year and now 'Creed II', Jordan saw 2018 as a "perfect year" for him.

"Everything I ever wanted was kind of happening at one time so that was pretty cool," he said.

He also shared his favourite memories from the set of  the 'Creed' sequel.

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