Jennifer Lawrence is back on the scene, and to be completely honest, we missed her musings dearly.

Making an appearance on the latest episode of 'The Late Night With Stephen Colbert' this week, she spoke all about her new Netflix film 'Don't Look Up'. Recounting some anecdotes from her time on the film, she revealed that she and the rest of the cast would call Meryl Streep "The GOAT" while on set, but it turns out the whole time they did this, the three-time Academy Award winner took the nickname to mean just that - a goat.

For those not in the know, "The GOAT' means "The Greatest Of All Time", so if anything, it's a pretty big compliment to give someone.

However, it seems Streep never got that memo and thought that Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Timothee Chalmet and her other co-stars were calling her "the old goat" the whole time.

Explaining the story of when Meryl Streep realised "The GOAT' is actually a good thing, it only happened earlier that day during the world premiere in New York. Explaining that Streep said, "that's right, just tell the old goat where to go", Lawrence then proceeded to tell her the real meaning of the phrase.

Poor, innocent Meryl Streep - she must be protected at all costs.

Jennifer Lawrence's appearance on the late0night chat show included a variety of stories, including her losing a front tooth on one of the first days of filming, which meant it had to be CGI'd into the entire movie.

Jennifer Lawrence took an extended break from Hollywood but now makes her return in the upcoming Netflix release. Expecting her first baby with her husband Cooke Maroney, she spoke with Colbert about taking that career break for three years. Joking about what she did during that time, she admitted: "A tonne of sex."

'Don't Look Up' will be in select theatres from December 10 followed by its release on Netflix on Christmas Eve.