No, we're not high or drunk - that headline is really a thing.

Deadline reports that Melissa McCarthy has signed up for The Happyland Murders, an R-rated comedy about the underbelly of Los Angeles where humans and muppets co-exist. McCarthy plays a detective who's paired with a muppet counterpart to investigate the brutal murders of The Happytime Gang, a beloved classic puppet show that's been off television for many years.

An R-rated, adult-tinged muppet comedy is something that's been talked about for many years, and was something that original Muppets creator Jim Henson was keen on exploring. Alas, it never panned out for him but his son, Brian, is now set to make it a reality. No production date has been set, but with Melissa McCarthy attached to star, the ball will eventually get rolling pretty soon.

So, thoughts? Without being dismissive, it sounds an awful lot like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, except it's muppets instead of cartoons. That film was a success because it had a smart script, it gleefully sent up animated legends and was knowingly, subversively funny in parts. Making this R-rated feels like it's stripping away the smartness of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, because it had to work within the strict guidelines.

That said, if it's anywhere close to being as good Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, we're in - because that film's incredible.


Via Deadline