Given how Hacksaw Ridge reminded us all what an incredible director Mel Gibson was, it's no surprise that his follow-up film will be in a similar vein and will likely be just as intense.

THR reports that Gibson's next effort behind the camera will be Destroyer, an adaptation of the non-fiction book Hell From The Heavens, which detailed a brutal kamikaze attack on the USS Laffey during World War II. The ship eventually earned the nickname "The Ship That Would Not Die", so you can guess how the movie ends.

Gibson's partner, Rosalind Ross, has adapted the screenplay and the understanding is that production will begin later in the year if Gibson doesn't sign on to star opposite Mark Wahlberg in the big-screen reboot of The Six Million Dollar Man. Wahlberg is apparently pushing for Gibson in an as-yet unspecified role in the modern adaptation of the '70s TV series having worked with him on Daddy's Home 2.

No casting has been announced for Destroyer as of yet, but given the success of Hacksaw Ridge, there'll likely be more than a few actors lining up to get involved.