Variety are this morning reporting that Megan Fox has been given the boot from Transformers 3. Fox in return is saying she left, and the whole thing is creating a big fat media frenzy, with Gemma Arterton now reportedly in negotiations to be Shia LaBeouf's new totty.

In something that feels like it has come out of Entourage, Fox apparently pissed off Michael Bay whilst doing press for the second film, comparing working with him to that of famous angry bastard, Adolf Hitler. Bay in return mumbled something about her being only 23, then probably went back to watching hot women clean his car in slow motion. Publicists from both camps tried to pass it off as being all jokey, but the animosity was obviously really there. Every other actress in Hollywood with a bikini body is being linked with the role, including Twilight star Ashley Greene and Amber Heard - but Arterton is still thought to be the favourite.

If Fox walked, it wasn't the smartest move; her only other high profile role at the moment is in Jonah Hex, opposite Josh Brolin, and that film is garnering horrible early buzz. She was decent in Jennifer's Body, but that flop proved that her name, and torso, on a movie poster isn't enough to put bums in seats when those who like perving at her, can just hit up Google. Transformers 3 is due out next summer, and will make serious money with or without Fox.