With Big Hero 6 crashing into the cinemas from 30th January, we thought we'd give you a quick rundown on who's who in Big Hero 6 and give you the chance to win a fantastic Big Hero 6 goodie bag which includes a tonne of brilliant prizes (see below).

Don't know Hamada from Baymax? Don't worry! We've got all the info you need right here.



At 14, it's pretty tough to know what you're capable of. Not for Hiro Hamada, though. A robotics prodigy who's already graduated from high school, he makes a little cash on the side with illegal robot fighting. That is, of course, until his brother challenges him to be something more. If he can can compete and win San Fransoyko Institute of Technology's entrance competition, he'll become the youngest entrant to their robotics program and work alongside his brother, Tadashi.



Hiro's older brother, Tadashi, is just as gifted and intelligent at robotics like Hiro. While Hiro has no direction or path in life, Tadashi has one - to create a robot that can save lives. Working with his teacher, Professor Callaghan, Tadashi creates Baymax, a nursing robot that's able to diagnose pain and administer care. However, when Hiro gets a hold of him, he becomes much, much more.



Created by Tadashi Hamada, his primary function is caring for and helping people. However, when Hiro runs into deep, personal trouble, Baymax resolves to help him. How? By becoming an armoured fighting robot with a jet-pack and flying fists. That's what every 14-year old needs.



One of Tadashi's college friends, Wasabi is a strict, organised and heavily neurotic character. At the university, he's working on a laser-field that'll slice almost anything in two - but when he gets his super-suit (designed by Hiro, no less), he incorporates these lasers into them.



Tough, uncompromising and resourceful - that's Go-Go Tomago. A no-nonsense woman, she won't stop for anyone - and why should she? With her razor-wheels, she can cut down and cut through just about anything - or anyone!



Fred's all about one thing - getting everybody fired up. As well as being San Fransokyo's head mascot, he's also the team's cheerleader. Full of boundless energy, Fred's optimism and confidence can't be stopped - neither can his fire-breathing super-suit either!



A chemistry genius, Honey Lemon may be a little ditzy on the surface, but there's so much more going on underneath. Using her chemical-gas dispensing handbag, she's able to cook up a storm real quick.



A technological guru, Alistair Krei is the owner of Krei Tech Industries and eager to make robotics accessible to all. He's clashed with Tadashi and his mentor, Professor Callaghan, in the past and offers Hiro the opportunity to work for him on whatever project he sees fit.



Tadashi's mentor and robotics professor at San Fransokyo's Institute Of Technology, Professor Callaghan is the voice of reason and logic, shepherding the team's projects and offering guidance whenever they need.


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