What's better than one of your favourite 'Mean Girls' stars getting interviewed on live TV? How about two of them.

Both Lindsay Lohan and her 'Mean Girls' co-star Lizzy Caplan graced our screens on separate late-night chat shows Thursday night, making us wonder if this was planned behind the scenes.

In fairness, it was probably all just a strange coincidence, but we're going to believe that the Glenn Coco gods out there had something to do with this.

Lohan and Caplan starred opposite one another in the 2004 mega hit 'Mean Girls', playing new friends Cady and Janis whose relationship goes sour once they begin plotting the demise of the high school trio known as The Plastics.

18 years on from the film's release, and Lohan is back on the movie (and music) scene. Having filmed her upcoming Irish romantic comedy earlier this autumn in and around Dublin, the 36-year-old is now busy promoting her Netflix Christmas film 'Falling For Christmas' - which has been getting generally positive reviews for its charm and goofiness. She spoke with Jimmy Fallon about re-recording her 'Mean Girls' track 'Jingle Bell Rock' for the film which thankfully will not try to recreate that iconic talent show scene.

However, 'Freaky Friday' fans might have fresh cause for excitement as the star said that Jamie Lee Curtis has been in touch about a potential sequel, which she's totally on board with. As for a 'Mean Girls' sequel... That's in the hands of writer Tina Fey.

Caplan joined Jimmy Kimmel to chat all about the ups and down of motherhood, having welcomed a baby boy into her family last year. The 40-year-old stars in a brand new Hulu drama series 'Fleishman Is in Trouble', which also stars Claire Danes, Adam Brody and Jesse Eisenberg.

Watch Lindsay Lohan and Lizzy Caplan in 'Mean Girls' on NOW and Sky Cinema until November 30 (before it becomes available once again on Netflix). 'Falling For Christmas' can be streamed on Netflix right now. 'Fleishman Is in Trouble' will be released on Disney+ in February 2023.