Matthew Vaughn is reportedly being lined up to direct a sequel to Man of Steel by Warner Bros and DC.

Vaughn initially pitched an idea for Superman back before Zack Synder was chosen by the studio and Chris Nolan to helm the series. While it was knocked back then, the studio is keen for Vaughn to take his flair for action and humour to their universe. It'd certainly lighten things up anyway... 

Vaughn had an unexpected box office smash with Kingsman and is currently working on a sequel. It's worth remembering too he also helmed the R-rated comic book adaptation Kick-Ass; when you consider how well Deadpool and Logan are doing on the back of a more adult vibe, Vaughn deserves credit for being ahead of the curve.

While negotiations between Vaughn's reps and DC/Warner are yet to begin, he's widely considered to be their first choice for the gig.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle will be out on 29 September this year.

Via Collider