Yes, that headline is correct.

Directed by Good Will Hunting's Gus Van Sant and starring Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey and Inception's Ken Watanabe, Sea of Trees opened in US cinemas and scored a total of just $3,000. Converted to our money, that's €2,677.

Let's put that into perspective real quick. Interstellar opened at $47,000,000 on its opening weekend - which a lot of industry insiders considered to be a minor failure. Sea of Trees opened 15,666 times LESS than that. That's how bad things are.

The film, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival to boos and some of the most biting reviews in McConaughey's career, was filmed in 2014 and has been passed from distributor to distributor since then. There isn't even any word of an Irish / UK release as of writing, either.

The film sees McConaughey playing a maths professor who, overcome by the grief of losing his wife Naomi Watts, sets off to Japan's Aokigahara Forest to commit suicide. There, he meets Ken Watanabe and begins to reconsider his life and his time with his wife.

Judging by the trailer, it's easy to see exactly why this bombed so hard. Take a look.