'I'm already in celebration mode', Matthew McConaughey told reporters at the Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon (sounds delightful), earlier this week.

But it's not as arrogant as you would think, McConaughey is not predicting a win at the Oscars on March 2nd, he's just lapping up the nomination.

"I'm gonna celebrate no matter what. I'm already in celebration mode" announced the Dallas Buyers Club star.

"I'm gonna enjoy this. This is my first time nominated and if I ever get nominated again, who knows?

"But there will never be another first time."

Dead right, Matthew. A good attitude. You obviously have an Irish mammy in your ear;

'Just go out there and enjoy it, pet, that's the main thing'

We caught up with Matthew as well as Jared Leto for the Oscar nominated 'Dallas Buyers Club'. Check it out above.

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Source: Digital Spy