There are certain movies from the 1990s which will forever hold a special place in the heart of those who grew up watching them.

That decade saw families sit down together to watch such movies as 'Beethoven', 'The Lion King', 'The Parent Trap', and 'Home Alone'. Without a doubt, 'Matilda' was a staple in many households too.

Directed by, narrated by and starring Danny DeVito, 'Matilda' starred Mara Wilson in the title role.

At that point, the actress had already established herself as a child star, starring in 'Mrs Doubtfire' and 'Miracle on 34th Street.'

'Matilda' hit the big screen on 2nd August 1996.

The box office was nothing to write home about (it made $33.5 million against a $36 million budget...).

However, subsequent VHS sales and TV showings turned it into the classic we love so much today.

Additionally, the movie is still considered one of the best and most faithful adaptations of the works of beloved children's author Roald Dahl.

The name Miss Trunchbull still strikes fear in the hearts of many, while you can't help but smile remembering the sweet Miss Honey.

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