Marvel have just announced their cinematic plans to shareholders over the next few years - and it bore some serious fruit for the regular cinema-going-Joe. First up was news that an Iron Man sequel will soon begin preproduction for a release on April 30th 2010, followed by a Matthew Vaughn-helmed Thor movie on June 4th of the same year. Following those mouth watering prospects we’ll have The First Avenger: Captain America in June 2011, followed by an all out Avenger flick a few months later. Obviously encouraged by the huge opening for Iron Man, Marvel is admirably taking the bull by the horns and pushing forward with more of their own productions. An Incredible Hulk sequel will obviously depend on how well the first one does when it’s released next month; expectations are lower than they were for the much buzzed about Iron Man. The mini studio have The Punisher sequel later this year (which is not garnering good early word), and the Wolverine flick scheduled in for May of next year. The other notable project in the pipeline isAnt-Man, that is being developed by Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright.