He is undoubtedly a legend of comedy and has enjoyed a new lease of life in recent years with the success of 'Only Murders in the Building'.

However, it seems that Martin Short is not to everyone's taste, as we found out over the weekend.

An Op-Ed that ran on Slate was titled 'Why We Keep Putting Up with Martin Short', and described the 73-year-old Canadian actor as "exhausting, sweaty and desperately unfunny".

The writer also lambasted Short's "over-the-top characters" as "unbelievably annoying."

Now, however, a number of big names have rallied around Short and taken to X (formerly Twitter) to defend his name.

Ben Stiller simply posted "Martin Short is a comedic genius. End o story.", while others including Mark Hamill and John Cusack also rushed to share their admiration of him.

Short has not commented on the matter publicly himself.

See some of them below: