As you may have already heard, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences have taken a bold (if unoriginal) step and brought in a new category for the next awards ceremony - a new category for 'Popular Film'.

The news was met with widespread criticism from pretty much every corner of the industry and media, but you know who's a fan? Mark Wahlberg.

"Maybe if they’d had the category before, we’d have won a couple of them," Wahlberg told Variety at the premiere of his latest action blockbuster, 'Mile 22'. "We’ve had some really commercially successful films that we think certainly warranted that kind of notoriety. We make films that we want people to enjoy and if we get those kind of accolades, fantastic. If not, we make the movies for audiences to enjoy."

Right, but the problem isn't that they need notoriety, the problem is that this is clearly pandering and devalues the whole idea of the Oscars - not to mention the fact that it's kind of a slap in the face to everyone concerned, as well as being ridiculously stupid in the first place. But, yeah, sure, whatever, Mark Wahlberg.

"There are a lot of great films out there that happen to be very popular and haven’t been recognized that probably deserve the recognition," said Wahlberg, missing the point so hard that it's sort of incredible. Wahlberg himself was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 2006 for his turn in Martin Scorsese's 'The Departed', where Wahlberg played Sgt. Dignam and was probably robbed for it in fairness.

Look at this scene and understand why. You girls have a good day.