In what feels like the World's Most Obvious Casting Choice, Margot Robbie is now set to play Barbie in an upcoming live-action movie.

Robbie will play Barbara Millicent Roberts - yes, she has a full name - in a live-action movie, with a director and screenwriter to be determined. The movie has long been in production, with names such as Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway attached to star in the lead role.

In a statement released to media last night, Robbie said that "(playing) with Barbie promotes confidence, curiosity and communication throughout a child’s journey to self-discovery. Over the brand’s almost 60 years, Barbie has empowered kids to imagine themselves in aspirational roles from a princess to president."

Robbie will also act as executive producer on the movie as well. Details are light on plot, but you've got to imagine there's no way that you can make a 'Barbie' movie with a straight face in this day and age. Then again, nobody would have thought 'The Lego Movie' would have been a success - yet here we are, five years later, still singing 'Everything Is Awesome' in our private moments.

No release date has been set for 'Barbie'.