Although details have been light and there hasn't even been a trailer yet, the long-awaited prequel to 'The Sopranos' appears to be tantalising close to making its way to screens.

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. made a bombshell announcement by placing all of its 2021 releases both in cinemas and HBO Max in the US at the same time - pretty much ending the decades-long theatrical window between cinema and home release.

The first movie up for this on-demand / cinema release is 'Wonder Woman 1984', but the rest of the cinema releases for 2021 are still to come and among them is 'The Many Saints of Newark'. It's been confirmed now that the movie will see a release on March 12th of next year on HBO Max.

Naturally, UK and Ireland plans haven't been confirmed as of yet, but it's a good bet that 'The Many Saints of Newark' will release roughly around the same time here. The question is whether it will be on demand like some of Warner Bros' releases this year, or if it will go into cinemas.

Currently, Irish cinemas are open and will remain so until another lockdown is called if cases spike. However, vaccinations here in Ireland are due to begin in January, so odds are things could be somewhat back to normal by the time March rolls around.

The next big question is when we'll see some kind of footage or a trailer for the movie. Well, it's understood that WarnerMedia has a 6-hour - that's right, SIX HOUR - panel at CCXP today, so odds are you're going to see a lot of footage come out of that, and the expectation is you'll see something about 'The Many Saints of Newark' from that.

Either way, we'll be keeping an eye on this as 'The Many Saints of Newark' is one of our most anticipated movies of 2021.