Ben Affleck's standalone Batman film is shaping up quite nicely to be one of the most interesting comic-book movies in DC's recent history.

After the so-so Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and the utterly terrible Suicide Squad, Batman might just be the remedy to turn around the flagging fortunes of the DC Cinematic Universe. Earlier in the week, it was confirmed that Deathstroke would be appearing Affleck's Batman and, today, it's been confirmed that Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello will be playing the role.

Outside of Magic Mike and the sequel, Magic Mike XXL, Manganiello previously starred in HBO's True Blood as Alcide, a werewolf, and had a recurring role in teeny-bopper drama One Tree Hill as Owen Morello.

Deathstroke is an interesting character in DC history, primarily because he's not necessarily a villain as such - more that he's just a hired gun and mercenary who'll work for whoever pays the most for his services. It's not yet known if Ben Affleck's Batman will cover his origin story or simply drop him ala The Dark Knight, but it's an interesting choice to say the least.

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