Matthew McConaughey's turn as Dallas in 2012's 'Magic Mike' was legendary. Now it looks like he could be reprising the role in the threequel.

A third 'Magic Mike' movie is in the works, Channing Tatum announced last November.

The series follows a group of male strippers and is roughly based on Tatum's own experiences working as a stripper in Tampa, Florida, when he was 18.

'Magic Mike XXL' debuted in 2015 to a positive critical reception and box office success.

Matthew McConaughey did not return for the sequel, but he could be back for this third film.

His character Dallas owned the strip club Xquisite that was the setting for the first movie.

Upon being asked if he'd return for the threequel, which is titled 'Magic Mike's Last Dance', the actor told Variety: "Channing Tatum, call me, bro! I haven’t heard from ya!"

The actor also noted: "I’d have to read [the script] first. It was a helluva lot of fun doing the first one."

Steven Soderbergh, who also helmed the first 'Magic Mike', is returning to the director's seat for the threequel.

McConaughey recently loaned his voice to the animated sequel 'Sing 2'.

Tatum currently stars in 'Dog', which is also showing in cinemas now.