The many delays that faced Mad Max: Fury Road had some believing it would never happen.

After all, it had been so long since George Miller had directed something on the same scale (unless you count Babe: Pig In The City) and the production problems seemed to be mounting up. One of the major problems was heavy rainfall in Australia's desert, which ultimately forced Miller to up sticks and move production to Namibia.

Prior to this, the plan was to film in Broken Hill in New South Wales where Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior was filmed back in 1981. Studios had been purpose-built to help with production, but due to the weather and the fact that the desert had turned green due to the rainfall, there was no choice but to leave. Sadly, Mad Max: Fury Road was considered something of a commercial failure, only earning $378.4 million, estimating a $20-40 million loss for Warner Bros and the chances of a sequel grew dimmer, despite the critical acclaim it received.

However, a source spoke to Australia's Herald Sun and reportedly confirmed that the sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road is now happening and, what's more, it will film in Australia. No official confirmation was given by Broken Hill Studios, Warner Bros. or George Miller, however a statement from Broken Hill Studios said that they "would certainly welcome Mad Max coming back to its spiritual home.”

The sequel, which is working under the title of Mad Max: The Wasteland, is said to focus more heavily on Charlize Theron's character, Imperator Furiosa, and her back-story.

It's not yet known if Tom Hardy will be returning to the cast, as there were many on-set battles between Hardy and Theron during the arduous shoot. However, the report said pre-production is underway with filming expected to begin in the new year.

Here's hoping it all comes off because Fury Road was nothing short of incredible.


Via Herald Sun