After the roaring success that was Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller's officially back with a vengeance.

Already, the veteran Aussie director's been linked with some incredibly promising films and then distanced himself from them almost as quickly. Miller was initially tapped to direct the sequel to Man of Steel, however he passed on that and now, according to the man himself, he's passed on another big production.

Akira has been one of those films that's spent so long in development hell, it's looking like it'll never make its way out. Jaume Collet-Serra was attached, then fell by the way side. David Fincher was allegedly involved at a very early stage, but that went by the way side. More recently, names like Christopher Nolan have cropped up as well as Miller himself.

"There was talk of it, but I've got so many things on my dance card, I don't have the time to do everything," explained Miller. The director's spoken before about his next film will be much smaller in scale compared to Fury Road and that it will have no stunts whatsoever.

Not one? Not even a sneaky little car-chase with a trampolining Nicholas Hoult or something?

The 1988 classic anime Akira, oft considered to be one of the best sci-fi films and animated films ever made, is still in active production. Daredevil scribe Marco Ramirez is said to be working on the latest version of the script, however it's entirely possibly it could get another rewrite before it eventually makes it way into production.


Via Yahoo! Movies