To be fair, the last time we wrote about artificial intelligence predicting Oscar winners, it got some of them right - so the odds are in its favour for this particular algorithm spitting out the right one.

Thinkful Inc. has developed a system using a random forest classifier algorithm and details their methodology for prediction for Best Picture, using data from the past 38 winners, critic reviews, IMDb ratings, other award nominations, wins and any publicly available information to come up with what it thinks is the potential winner on March 4th.

According to their algorithm, Guillermo del Toro's The Shape Of Water has a 0.47 probability of winning Best Picture, whilst Three Billboards has 0.28. Darkest Hour and The Post had a paltry 0.02 probability rating, whilst Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk managed to rate at just 0.08 whilst Call Me By Your Name came (heh) in with 0.06.

The worst, however, was Get Out - which was given a 0.0 probability of clinching Best Picture. Oof.

You can read the full methodology and breakdown for the findings here.


Via Thinkful