With Split doing extremely strong box-office ($40 million over 3 days) from a small budget this passing weekend, talk has turned to a sequel to, in our opinion, M. Night Shyamalan's best film, Unbreakable.

It's not just talk at this point, thought, with Shyamalan telling Uproxx that he plans to make Unbreakable 2 next.

There are obvious spoilers here for people who haven't seen Split. So we won't publish any of the quotes. 

Unbreakable was a very different take on the superhero story and featured Bruce Willis as David Dunn, a seemingly normal blue collar guy who was, well, unbreakable.

It's a really cracking film and features some of Willis' best work, as well as a top notch Samuel L. Jackson.

It's great to see Shyamalan finding his feet again. He made some stinkers after The Village, but the writer/director has a unique sense of atmosphere and a beautiful style with the camera.

Bring it on!