Even though he had a key scene in 'Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood' and the movie was nominated for Best Picture, Luke Perry was left out of the 'In Memoriam' segment of the Oscars this year, as were a few other names.

In a statement released to media yesterday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences explained their reason for leaving off Luke Perry, Cameron Boyce and many others who people felt were deserving of mention in the segment. "An executive committee representing every branch considers the list and makes selections for the telecast based on limited available time. All the submissions are included on Oscar.com and will remain on the site throughout the year. Luke Perry and Cameron Boyce are remembered in the Oscar.com gallery."

To be perfectly honest, that sounds like a lot of bulls**t. Sid Haig, for example, was left off the 'In Memoriam' segment and had starred in Oscar-nominated movies like 'Jackie Brown', not to mention critically-acclaimed horrors like 'Bone Tomahawk' and countless movies in the '70s like 'THX 1138', 'Emperor of the North', 'Foxy Brown' and so on.

Cameron Boyce, meanwhile, was 20 years old when he passed away from complications relating to epilepsy and had a bright career ahead of him, having turned in performances in Alexandre Aja's 'Mirrors' and HBO's 'Mrs. Fletcher'.

Luke Perry, however, feels particularly egregious. As mentioned, he was in a key scene in 'Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood', a movie that was nominated in several categories, including Best Picture. Throughout the years, Perry had been doing steady work in TV and movies, not to mention his breakout role in 'Beverly Hills 90210'.

Not surprisingly, the social media reaction was pretty sharp and pointed against the Academy.