This Oscar season appears to have two contenders for the "lost astronaut in space" category, and they're both by Fox Searchlight - 'Ad Astra' and 'Lucy In The Sky'.

While 'Ad Astra' feels more like a standard space adventure, 'Lucy In The Sky' seems to be aiming more towards a psychological drama than anything else. Natalie Portman plays Lucy Cola, an astronaut who, after returning to Earth following an orbital mission, begins to lose touch with reality and her family as she feels her life is too small.

Eager to get back up into space, she begins work on the next mission and brushes up again Jon Hamm's fellow astronaut and NASA itself as she edges her way forward. Directed by Noah Hawley, who was the brains behind the mind-melting 'Legion' TV series, you can almost definitely expect to see this in the Oscar race at some point - probably with Natalie Portman for Best Actress or Noah Hawley for Best Director.

As mentioned, 'Lucy In The Sky' is going head to head with 'Ad Astra', and there's a chance the two might cancel each other out. That said, if this is as good as the trailer leads us to believe, there's a clear winner.

'Lucy In The Sky' hits Irish cinemas on December 6th.