'Bones and All' director and Timothée Chalamet whisperer Luca Guadagnino would be very interested in remaking 'The Mummy'.

Speaking to Collider, the Italian director was asked which horror classic he would be up for remaking

"Oh my god. That’s an incredible question that I didn’t prepare myself [for]. Oh my god, what should I do?" After a moment of thought, Guadagnino settled on an interesting choice. "I think it would be amazing to do something about The Mummy."

When asked about his choice, Guadagnino explained, "It’s a rotten body in rotten bandages, so what’s inside is [as] interesting as what’s outside."

"It should be very scary and very, very terminal." He also added. "It should be a little movie but with a lot of depth and very scary."

'The Mummy' has been one of Hollywood's most enduring monsters. Starting out with the 1932 Universal movie directed by Karl Freund. Several spinoffs released throughout the 40's and 50's until Hammer took over the franchise until the 70's.

The franchise was then reignited in 1999 with probably the most well-known Mummy movie starring Brendan Frasier and Rachel Weisz. In 2017, it was once again remade with Tom Cruise starring in an action-adventure style film.

Guadagnino's comments lean heavily toward the suggestion of returning to 'The Mummy's horror roots. After his successful remake of 'Suspiria', we're pretty sure we can trust him to do it justice.

Guadagnino's upcoming film 'Bones and All' stars Timothée Chalamet as a road-tripping cannibal who falls in love. It arrives in cinemas on November 23.