Working Title Co-chairman, Eric Fellner has said that a sequel to Christmas rom-com Love Actually is often talked about between him and his producing partner Tim Bevan. 

Speaking to Independent UK at the Bridget Jones's Baby junket, Fellner said that of all their properties, Love Actually is the film that they'd most like to make a sequel to.

"One my founder Tim [Bevan] and I would love to do [is] another Love Actually. But that would all be about whether Richard Curtis wants to write another one. But that's one we often talk about."

This piece of information was later put to Colin Firth who said: "Oh my goodness, you've just sent a shiver down my spine."

Firth went on to confirm he would be interested. 

"Yeah, why not. I'll take whatever comes - just send me a good script and if the people are there..."

All we need now is for Richard Curtis to get on board.