As we reported a few months back, John Turturro - who played Jesus Quintana in The Best Film Ever Made The Big Lebowski -  has been working on a 'sequel of sorts' to the film for quite a while.

Essentially, a spinoff of his character, Turturro's been pestering the Coens to take on the project for several years with limited success. However, it now appears that the film is finally going in production and has begun shooting already.

Birth.Movies.Death reports that cameras are rolling for Going Places, which was first pitched as a remake of '70s French caper comedy. The cast is said to include Susan Sarandon, Audrey Tautou and Bobby Cannavale, although no release date has been set and nothing has been officially confirmed. Turturro is believed to be both writing and directing, but that the story is of two thieves who charm and seduce people along the way to get what they want. One of said thieves is understood to be Jesus Quintana from The Big Lebowski.

Like our report last year, Turturro did say that it had "some sort of connection" to The Big Lebowski, but couldn't say more.

Legacy sequels, as we know, are now a big business, so it makes sense that there's a Big Lebowski sequel in the works. The Coens are tangentially attached to FX's excellent TV adaptation of Fargo, so it's entirely possible that they have a similar relationship to this film here.

John Turturro's directing career has been progressing quite nicely, as he directed 2013's not-bad Fading Gigolo with Woody Allen and the pretty-bad 2005 musical Romance & Cigarettes. Making something with a broad appeal like a Big Lebowski sequel is a smart move, as it'll hopefully launch Turturro more fully into directing.


Via Birth.Movies.Death