Although it should come as no surprise, it's now been confirmed by director James Mangold that Logan will be rated R in the US.

The rating means that Logan will feature plenty of violence, plenty of cursing and - in one instances - some brief nudity as well. Mangold and Hugh Jackman have both been adamant that Logan would be going for a hard R rating, with Jackman reportedly taking a pay cut to ensure that the film would pass studio executives without having to edit it to get a lower rating.

Deadpool, of course, has a lot to do with this. Considering the film made so much money, received a Golden Globe nomination and effectively relaunched Ryan Reynolds' career, Fox and other studios are now warming to the idea that rated R films can make money.

There's been no word yet from IFCO, but it usually follows that if a film gets rated R in the US, it'll be rated 16 here in Ireland.

Logan is scheduled for an Irish release date of March 3rd.