He's one of the country's favourite sons so it's no surprise that whenever Allen Leech comes home to Ireland he's in serious demand. Last week we managed to nab a few minutes with the man himself, to talk all things In Fear ahead of his date with Tubbs on the Late Late.

Allen's latest movie outing sees him making the leap from kindly chauffeur done good to rather sadistic psychopath, but there's something oddly likeable about his character that we have to equate with the Killiney man's charm. Sure it wasn't for nothing that this fella ended up with Tumblr accounts dedicated to pieces of his Downton Abbey costume.

After a quick chat about my curls (they're all natural lads) we got talking about In Fear, before celebrating 10 years of Cowboys And Angels, discussing all things Downton (we think Tom and Thomas (Rob James Collier) could be the show's next big bromance) and even touching on one of his most exciting projects to date: The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch, Charles Dance and Keira Knightly to name but a few.

Will our Allen ever come home now? Could we ever get him back for a bit of Love/Hate? And why does the name Willy bring on the giggles? Sure have an oul listen there and hear it all (including my fantastic/mortifying unintentional Bet on Branson reference) for yourselves.

In Fear is in Irish cinemas now.