Wouldn't it be fetch if Lindsay Lohan made a blazing return to our screens in 'Mean Girls 2'? Well, she certainly thinks so anyway.

In a recent interview, the actress and socialite revealed that starring in a sequel to one of her biggest movies is still fresh on her mind. Could we see a Lindsay Lohan 'Mean Girls 2' anytime soon? Here's what she had to say on the topic.

Speaking to comedian David Spade on his web series 'Lights Our with David Spade', Lindsay spoke of what she's been up to most recently from her home in Dubai, and what she's planning for the future. She said: "I should probably get back to doing movies at some point.

"I think I was hanging on to 'Mean Girls' for a really long time. I wanted to come back with a 'Mean Girls 2'. To work with Tina [Fey], and the whole crew again, and [director] Mark Waters. That was really what I wanted. I was excited to do that."

Concluding that a sequel with the main cast of the original isn't on the cards just yet, the actress said: "But that’s all in their hands, really. So that would definitely be an exciting thing."

It'll be interesting to see if a sequel ever does see the light of day, or if it's even needed. Lohan has spoken out about wanting to do a sequel in the past (multiple times), but it seems her anticipation might be falling on deaf ears at this point.

In other Lindsay Lohan news, the actress released a brand new song earlier this month, entitled 'Back To Me' - and it's quite the pop banger.

You can watch the full Lindsay Lohan interview with David Spade below.