Liam Neeson has taken firm aim at the Irish government over proposed water charges, saying he was contemplating coming back to his homeland to live as his kids went to college, but is now thinking twice about it. 

The actor, who has Taken 3 due next month, was speaking to The Irish Sun, when the subject was brought up.

"We've been f***ed from a great height by these bankers and it's the final straw." He added, "To tax people for their water. Just wrong. I've always thought about coming home, especially now with my empty nest but this is just insulting. It turns me completely off."

"I just think, 'Come on, don't f***ing insult the Irish people any more.' It's terrible."

"I really hope the Government is doing something about it now and listening to the people and finding a solution. They f***ing better listen to the opposition."

He does miss a lot of stuff about Ireland, though. “There’s the sense of person you don’t get anywhere else, the humanity towards the other. The smell in the air. That beautiful clean air."

“And do you know what I really miss? RTE Radio. My son tells me I can get it online and he’s showed me how to do it but I just can’t get my head around it. It’s not like switching on a radio. Still can’t figure it out.”

Seriously, Enda, don't mess with Liam Neeson. He'd batter you. 

Neeson is originally from Ballymena, Co Antrim but has lived in New York for a couple of decades now.