Late last night / early this morning saw the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, which naturally sent the Internet into a tailspin.

As well as showcasing, for the first time, Wonder Woman joining forces with Batman and Superman, we also got a look at a never-before-seen monster and a bit more of an understanding about Lex Luthor's involvement with the whole thing.

So, naturally, we decided to break down the entire trailer, frame-by-frame, and make wild speculations about what's happening.

We begin, of course, with Bruce Wayne turning up in his very slick Aston Martin...


Clark Kent working the red carpet. Like any journalist turns up on the red carpet dressed like that...


...AND manages to get into the party afterwards. Again, this is a comic-book movie so this is why - but this is just too far.


Kent puts the question to Wayne about the lack of civil liberties in Gotham and Batman's so-called reign of terror, which Wayne is clearly having none of. It's also intriguing to see Wayne refer to Superman as an 'alien', too.


Again, it's kind of interesting how they're playing it up as Gotham's Batman versus Metropolis' Superman and the idea of two different versions of justice.


There's that shot from the previous trailer of Superman saving a spacecraft from an explosion whilst...


...Gotham and Batman, by extension, is dealing with the fallout from years of terror by the Joker and the Rogue's Gallery.


It's like Jesse Eisenberg is channeling Mark Zuckerberg If He Tried Really Hard At Socialising with this bit.


Lots of explosions and so on, but that's definitely General Zod and Superman going toe-to-toe, whilst Wayne calls Superman 'a son of a bitch' for bringing the war to Earth.


First proper shot of Batman's new armour, complete with comic-book esque lights over the eyes. We're guessing it's got some sort of Kryptonite power-up that allows him to throw Superman around the place.


Lex Luthor's almost acting as a fight promoter for this match-up, calling it "the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world" whilst Alfred's telling Wayne that "it's suicide".


It's that little smile here that has us thinking Superman isn't actually himself. Is Lex Luthor controlling him? Probably.


Lois Lane calls Luthor psychotic, which he calls a three-syllable word for any thought too big for little minds. Yeah, he's definitely controlling him.


But then again, here's evidence to the contrary and a great line, too. "If I wanted it, you'd be dead already."


Again, they're invoking the whole God Vs. Man thing from Man of Steel, which is interesting, but if it's anything like Man of Steel, it's going to be VERY heavy-handed.


Our first look at Doomsday, however if we're right in thinking, this is a sort-of reanimated General Zod. In the comics, Doomsday was a prehistoric creature from Krypton.






Is she with you? Is that a gun? What's up with Batman's voice? How did I get here? IS THIS MY BEAUTIFUL HOUSE?


The annual Hallowe'en Office Party got WAY out of hand.


This trailer, more than anything, really does show how far Zack Snyder's Batman is prepared to pull away from Christopher Nolan's iteration. It really is veering heavily into comic-book territory instead of a realistic version of Batman, which is interesting in and of itself. Couple that with Superman actually having some sort of emotional arc to it all.

We're also digging the fact that Wonder Woman shows up at the end and bridges the gap between them and, of course, Lex Luthor being every bit as nervy and manipulating as we'd expect.

It's not yet known if there'll be another trailer before March, but in the meantime, this is plenty to keep us ticking over. What did you think of it?

Did it reveal too much? What did you think of Batman's voice? How about Wonder Woman? Sound off in the comments below!