Well we thought The Great Gatsby was the last we were going to see of Leonardo DiCaprio for some time, what with him claiming that he's going to take an extended break from acting and all, but turns out he was talking pure codswollop.

The much loved actor who first stole our hearts in a major way in Titanic, (or even Marvin's Room, The Basketball Diaries - depending on how young you like 'em - and who could forget Romeo and Juliet?) is said to be in negotiations to reunite with his Shutter Island writer on a long gestating project called Travis McGee.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Dennis Lehane is apparently working on an adaptation of the 1964 novel by John D MacDonald called The Deep Blue Good-by which centred on the goings on of a detective and treasure hunter based in Florida.

Considering the fact that McGee is actually a character to have featured in a staggering 21 novels, does this movie have major franchise potential? Is DiCaprio about to give Tom Cruise (and/or Bruce Willis) a run for his money?