Lawrence Kasdan has been an intrinsic part of what turned Star Wars into one of the most recognisable and well-loved film franchises in history.

His work with veteran sci-fi author Leigh Brackett on The Empire Strikes Back helped turn that film into arguably one of the greatest films ever made. Had his original script for Return of the Jedi made it to the screen, it's entirely possible he would have outdone himself. Sadly, we were left an Ewok luau and Boba Fett being swallowed by a giant desert monster.

In a recent interview, Kasdan again confirmed that he's working on the Han Solo spinoff with his son, Jon, and also announced that this would be his final venture into the world of Star Wars.

"I have now made four Star Wars movies. That’s more than enough," said Kasdan in a recent interview.

As he tells it, the screenwriter was going to pass on the offer. However, he was convinced by his son to give him a hand with the script and finish out his tenure on a high note. It wasn't just Star Wars that Kasdan worked on, by the way.

Kasdan was also one of the screenwriters on a little-known film called Raiders of the Lost Ark. He also served as writer and director on Body Heat, a film that's so filthy, Ted Danson's mother walked out during the premiere. Yeah.


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