There's no question that 'Lady and the Tramp' is a Disney classic.

Watching it as kids, it sowed the seeds for our lifelong love of dogs and also made spaghetti seem like the most exotic (not to mention romantic) food in the whole world.

Many people have fond memories of the 1955 original - so when news broke of Disney's planned live action remake, it was met with a mixed reaction.

Now, however, the latest trailer for the film - which will be available to stream on Disney+ from November 12th - has dropped, and gives us a more in-depth look at the plot.

It follows the story of scruffy street dog Tramp (voiced by Justin Theroux) and pampered pooch Lady (Tessa Thompson), as they embark on an 'unexpected adventure' and realise they have more similarities than differences.

And hey, look. Talking dogs.