Seeing as how 'Knives Out' ended with the Thrombeys more or less out on their collective arses, the sequel couldn't very well cover the same story again.

In an interview with Variety on last night's Oscars red carpet, director Rian Johnson confirmed that he's about to begin work on the follow-up to 'Knives Out', and gave a casting update. So far, he's only got one person locked down for the next movie - Daniel Craig.

"It's going to be Daniel playing Benoit Blanc, the detective. Other than that, all bets are off. It's a totally new cast," Johnson said. As to who he's looking for in the sequel, it's anyone's guess. Literally.

"I want everybody! Just point. Throw a rock on this red carpet and you'll hit someone that I want in the movie," Johnson joked, but honestly, maybe not. There had been some speculation that the sequel might retain some of the cast, albeit in different roles ala 'American Horror Story', but this appears to no longer be the case.

Considering the sheer amount of star power that 'Knives Out' had, it's a really good bet that just about anyone would be willing to line up for him. Not only that, Daniel Craig's dance card is pretty clear now that he's hanging up his tuxedo following 'No Time To Die'.

So far, no release date or title has been set for the 'Knives Out' sequel, but given how Lionsgate have put the thing into pre-production and Johnson is due to begin work on the script, it's only a matter of time before Benoit Blanc is back on the case.