It's fair to say that 'Batman Forever' is probably more known for its incredible soundtrack than it being a necessarily good movie.

That said, we do think it's unjustly compared with the likes of 'Batman Begins' and even Tim Burton's 'Batman' as it's working off a completely different sensibility, with a far greater awareness of its camp origins and - yes, we'll stop now.

Anyway, this video is exactly as the title of this very article suggests. It's Seal's 1995 radio hit, 'Kiss From A Rose', sang by actual seals edited together. Thankfully, it's not the full three and a half minutes, but rather just the opening verse of the song.

If you can listen to seals singing for three and a half minutes, then good for you. You'd have a better chance if Navy SEALs sang 'Kiss From A Rose', but then they'd have to better singers than Seal, the real singer. Fun fact, the guy's real name is Henry.

Anyway, here's the video of actual seals singing 'Kiss From A Rose'.