While it did feature in some worst-of-year lists, King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword features right at the top of an in-depth analysis on 2017's box office takings by Deadline.

According to their analysis, the Guy Ritchie-directed, Charlie Hunnam-starring, Game of Thrones-aping epic ended up costing Warner Bros. a whopping $153.2 million in total losses. It's worth pointing out as well that the film was intended to kickstart a new series of films based on the character, but like the sword itself, it'll stay buried to wait for another contender.

Out of the five worst-performing films of the year, Warner Bros. got another kicking with the abysmal Geostorm, which came in fifth. Expensive reshoots, which reportedly cost up to $15 million, and a dismal showing in the US box office meant that Geostorm ended up with a $71.6 million.

Meanwhile, Paramount's Monster Trucks and Universal's The Great Wall made up second and fourth place respectively, with The Great Wall failing to find any traction with its intended audience - China - and lost $74.5 million in the process. Third place was taken by The Promise, the sweeping epic that dealt with the Armenian Genocide and had an all-star cast that included Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale and Charlotte LeBon.

The problem with The Promise in terms of making its money fell to the fact that very few foreign markets bought the film, which made it far more reliant on the US box office to make up the losses that totalled a little over $100 million.

So, what's the common thread between them all? Would it surprise you to know that they all had poor to middling reviews? We rated King Arthur two stars out of five, The Great Wall two stars out of five, whilst Geostorm only got a half-star out of five.

Says it all, really. You can read Deadline's full analysis here.


Via Deadline