With news coming in overnight that the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is officially over and done with, we have to wonder if it was perhaps doomed from the start.

No, we're not talking about their zodiac signs or that their personalities were simply mismatched, or that their egos are out of control and would add trouble to any chance of a normal marriage. Rather that we're speculating about their choice of honeymoon events.

You might recall that just six years ago, Kimye - as they were known then - spent their honeymoon in Ireland, and for one of the nights, went out to not one - but TWO - local cinemas. Yes, Kimye graced the town of Portlaoise and its Odeon Cinema, before jumping in a blacked-out Mercedes and driving about twenty miles - depending on whether they went the back roads - to Tullamore, where they visited the IMC there.

According to reports at the time of this cultural landmark for cinemas in the Midlands, the pair started off by watching 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' in Portlaoise, before making the trek to Tullamore to watch another movie. At the time, based on our own records because, d'uh, it's us, the movies showing that night were either 'Maleficent', 'Godzilla', or 'The Other Woman'.

Again, checking contemporaneous reports at that time, it's believed they went to see 'The Other Woman' as the second movie. So you've got a decent-if-bloated blockbuster for part one, and a very forgettable rom-com for part two. That's spending an entire evening of your honeymoon watching two very poor movie choices.

Far be it from us to tell either of them how to live their lives, but watching pretty poor movies on your honeymoon is always going to lead trouble later in the marriage.

Still, the likelihood of Kanye West dropping a fantastic album out of this divorce is very high, so here's hoping for another 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' out of this, with a few bars about his cinema trip to the midlands in there. Indeed, it could very well be that he's already had his say on the honeymoon. If you'll recall one of the lines in 'Bound 2', where Kanye remarked that 'how can you complain on vacation?'

Maybe if they checked entertainment.ie, they could have found some better recommendations for movies or something on the telly.