Almost as soon as it was released, the so-called 'Snyder Cut' of 'Justice League' was the stuff of legends.

We've covered the saga before in greater detail, but a general rundown is this - after Zack Snyder quit / was fired / who knows from the production, the movie was then changed and reworked by Joss Whedon and the version people saw in cinemas was not Snyder's vision.

Since then, there's been a petition to have the original version of 'Justice League' for fans, even though pretty much everyone has told them that it's not only unlikely to happen, but that the movie itself wasn't even in a finished state.

Well, Kevin Smith has now waded into the debacle with his own take and confirmed that, yes, there is a 'Snyder Cut' - but admitted that he himself hasn't seen it. In an interview with CinemaBlend, Smith said that the version exists, but that it's nowhere near in a finished state.

"When people hear ‘Snyder Cut’ in their heads, they think about, like, a DVD they've seen of an extended cut or something that's finished. The ‘Snyder Cut’ that, again I haven't seen, but the one I've heard everyone speak of was never a finished film. It was a movie that people in production could watch and fill in the blanks. It was certainly not meant for mass consumption."

As it stands, there has been zero interest and no signs from Warner Bros. that 'Justice League' will ever get a second pass by Zack Snyder. Moreover, seeing as how the studio appears to be moving on from the DC Expanded Universe with likes of Todd Phillips' 'Joker' and Robert Pattinson in the role of 'Batman', the studio isn't going to want to go back.

However, Smith's take on all of this is that the studio should simply release the movie in its unfinished state. "I think the audience now, particularly the audience that would consume the Snyder Cut and discuss it at great length, can watch a work print. They can watch a work-in-progress and fill in the blanks in their heads," said Smith.

If nothing else, it'd finally shut up the people who want to see the 'Snyder Cut'.