Kevin Hart, buddy. Take a break every once in a while. There's a thing called saturation point. You're coming in on it.

THR reports that Kevin Hart is close to signing on for Dashing Through The Snow, a Christmas caper comedy about a workaholic NYPD detective who's become estranged from his son and the only person who can heal the rift is big 'ol Santa Claus himself - which will be played by Kevin Hart.

The story, such as it is, was originally pitched by Scott Rosenberg. His previous credits include - get this - Con Air, High Fidelity, Kangaroo Jack and he's also working on the Jumanji sequel which stars... Kevin Hart.

Between now and 2018, Kevin Hart has four films lined up - with probably a few more that have yet to be announced. Hart will star in the US remake of The Intouchables with Bryan Cranston, he's got the aforementioned Jumanji with Dwayne Johnson and he's also got Ride Along 3 because we didn't suffer enough with Ride Along 2.

As well as this, he's also got his prolific stand-up career and he's voicing a DreamWorks cartoon called Captain Underpants - and now he's got this on his plate as well. No official release date has been set for Dashing Through The Snow, but it's expected some time around 2018 if a director can be found shortly and Kevin Hart doesn't fall down from exhaustion.