Keanu Reeves has been confirmed in as the male lead in, Seven Pounds helmer, Gabriele Muccino's $90 million sci-fi drama Passengers, according to the folk at trade paper, The Hollywood Reporter, by way of

Reeves will play a mechanic "on a 120-year journey to a distant colonized planet in another galaxy, who becomes the first of the 5,000 travellers to experience pod hibernation failure. Awake a century too soon, he is stranded in the world of an interstellar spaceship with only robots for company." Being bored and whatnot, he wakes up a fit journalist bird and they fall in love.

Not a fan of Muccino's American work with Will Smith - I think he's an extremely heavyhanded storyteller - but this could be worth a gander for spectacle alone. Then again, it could be The Day The Earth Stood Still.