Nicolas Winding Refn's initial promise with Drive might have been dampened with Only God Forgives, but we think his next film could get him back on top.

Neon Demon is described by the director as a "female-driven horror film" about a young model who's caught in a world of "beauty and demise."

Right so.

Refn has managed to secure an impressive cast of actresses. Christina Hendricks, Jena Malone, Bella Heathcoate and Abbey Lee will join none other than Keanu Reeves on set.

So far, Reeves is the first actor cast in this film. There's more - Refn has locked down Cliff Martinez, who scored Drive and Only God Forgives, for the soundtrack.

With a production start date of March 30th, we can expect to see Neon Demon on our screens in late 2015, possibly even early 2016.

We're excited for this one. Female-drive anything is pretty exciting, but a horror film set in Los Angeles about models and directed by the guy who did Drive? Amazing.

Here's the lush poster for it.