Warner Bros. and DC sure know how to confuse their fans. 

Back in October 2014 they announced that we would have two Justice League movies coming our way over the next five years. Part One to be released in November 2017 and Part Two to be released in June 2019. 

However, when Geoff Johns took up his new creative role as overseer of the DC universe, he tweeted that the first movie would be titled Justice League. No parts about it. 

Then during a recent set visit, Empire reported that the movie's producer Deborah Snyder confirmed that Justice League is one standalone movie rather than a two parter. 

"We were only ever planning, and we are only doing, Justice League,”

However her husband and director Zack seemed to slightly contradict that. 

“We still have a release date,”  he said of the second movie. So should Justice League be a success then we'll most likely get a sequel in June 2019 rather than the second part of the same story. 

Zack added that Justice League would be a "complete movie" but by the very nature of superhero movies, there will probably be threads left open to be picked up in any potential sequels.